Our classes are currently being delivered online while we follow Gov.uk social distancing measures. Until then, let’s not forget the importance of looking after one’s mental health in these challenging times. Where possible, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine of the beautiful spring weather. Learn karate. Practise safe distancing.
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Shiranamikai is part of one of the largest and most prestigious karate organisations in the world, The Japan Karate Association (JKA). So important is the heritage of The JKA, with its budo principles and scientific training methods centred around body mechanics, that the Government of Japan has awarded them special status unique amongst martial arts organisations.

In conjunction with the Japan Karate Association in England, we offer regular structured classes in a positive environment and provide opportunities for members to attend instructional training camps, courses, gradings and competitions, with access to world class instructors visiting from Japan and around the world.

Shiranamikai has a great track record of developing motivated and enthusiastic students so if you are considering an activity for self-defence, fitness, confidence or to retain a connection with Japan through the practise of a traditional budo martial art, we welcome you to attend our dojos.


Hyper Japan Expo

Shiranamikai performed at the Hyper Japan expo in Kensington, London. We demonstrated fundamentals of karate, set patterns, partner training and a lighthearted defence sequence using kata. It was great to see so many people there. We even had a live shamisen rock band playing in the background…


NEW kids / beginners class for ages 5+

Our NEW kids / beginners class for ages 5+ is geared specifically towards the needs of our younger students and runs every Thursday during term time. Register now for the New Year winter term 2020!

Times, locations and costs

We currently have karate lessons 5 days per week in NW London and all of our dojos (training halls) are close to the Tube with parking available for those driving…

Regular classes: all levels, children and adults

Our regular classes are open to all ages and levels, from beginner to advanced. Children aged 7 plus are welcome to attend and there is no upper age limit for adults wishing to start…

Whether you are new to martial arts and thinking about trying karate, have had a break from training for a few years, or just looking to join a new club, you’ll be most welcome at Shiranamikai.



There are many events throughout the year including club gradings and special training sessions, summer holiday camps, competitions and regular outings. See our calendar for upcoming activities…

Special Events, Training Sessions and Gradings

Competitions – National Championship

International Training Camps