Kids / Beginners Class

Shiranamikai is delighted to announce its NEW Kids / Beginners Class. Each session runs on Thursdays during term time at 5pm and last 45 minutes.

These sessions are geared specifically towards helping your child to improve coordination while learning the fascinating martial art of karate in a positive and structured environment. This class is suitable for ages around 5 upwards.

We guide and encourage our young students to do their best. We also welcome parents and guardians who would like to take these classes alongside their children – we find this to be an often positive experience.

Spring 2020 Schedule

Our Thursday class is running online incorporated into regular training.

Shiranamikai has a great track record of developing motivated, enthusiastic and confident youngsters in a positive environment. Karate is an ideal activity for your child, combining self-defence and fitness, while being a great way to meet and mix with others, practising a traditional martial art.


Lesson format

Lessons start with a warm-up and stretch and progress through the practise of fundamental movements of blocking and striking, controlled partner work and set patterns.

What to wear and bring

Comfortable clothing that will allow free range of movement such as tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt is recommended for the first few lessons. There is no rush to order a karate suit – you can do that from us at any time. We train barefoot and all jewellery must be removed before the class starts.

If you have pre-registered, all you need is your child and you! A bottle of water and some fruit such as an apple or banana is ideal for after the class.

Before class

Before the scheduled start time of class, we recommend that you accompany your child to the toilet facilities (even if they don’t need to go!). It can be disruptive to the whole class if they need to leave the room while a session is in progress.

Starting any new activity can be a daunting prospect so we ask that parents of very young children remain onsite whilst the class is in progress. Outside of class, we ask only that you encourage their regular practise at home.


Please read our safeguarding statement…

Class location

Thursdays (term time) 5pm-5.45pm
Studio 1 (upstairs), Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre, Adelaide Road, London, NW3 3NF

Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre is located just above Swiss Cottage station (Exit 1), next to Swiss Cottage Library. Tell the reception staff at the front desk that you are there for karate and they’ll let you through the gates. Walk up the stairs and around to the left. We’re in Studio 1.

Please arrive with your child at least 5 mins before the class is due to begin for registration. Younger children will need their parent/guardian to remain for the duration of the class. For older children, please arrive by 5.40pm in order to collect them.

Our regular classes

Older children are welcome to also attend our regular classes which are more challenging and with a much wider mix of levels…