Karate training camps

Training courses and camps organised by The Japan Karate Association in England are a great supplement to regular training, offering the chance to learn new techniques and their application, and be inspired by some of the best karate instructors in the world. They are thoroughly recommended.

Sometimes courses last more than one day. Where this is the case, students who wish to participate may attend as many or as few days as they wish.

At national courses, held throughout the year, you will be taught by Ohta Sensei, Chief Instructor of The Japan Karate Association in England, assisted by other instructors from the technical committee.

The Japan Karate Association in England invites senior instructors from the Headquarters in Japan and around the world to teach 2-3 times each year. At these 3 to 4-day international training camps, many people choose to board near the venue to make it easier to attend each session.

These gasshukus are world-renowned and you’ll see many visitors from across the world in attendance. On one occasion there were 90 karateka from JKA Norway which is testament to their popularity!