The Japan Karate Association

The Japan Karate Association Headquarters, Tokyo

Shiranamikai and all its members are affiliated to the Japan Karate Association “Keeper of Japan’s highest tradition”

日本空手協会, The Japan Karate Association, World Federation
The mission of the JKAWF is to promote karate; its benefits and values throughout the world. These values extend beyond the purely physical elements of practice. In true karate, the body, mind and spirit must be developed simultaneously.

Shotokan karate is one of the most traditional and widely practised forms of karate in the world today. Shotokan puts focus on kihon (basics), kata (forms) and kumite (sparring) to develop a range of powerful and dynamic techniques. The JKA has refined the Shotokan style of karate, creating a related, but unique style all of its own.

At its headquarters in Tokyo, The Japan Karate Association employs 28 full-time instructors with many more on its governing board and technical committees. It is the root of all teaching worldwide. JKA member organisations currently span more then 100 countries.

Furthermore, the Japan Karate Association/JKA World Federation is significantly, the only independent karate association awarded legal status by the Japanese government to operate as an association of members (Shadan Hojin) for the promotion of karate.

At the JKA, karate is not merely a sport; it’s a martial art whose aim is the harmonising of mind and body for balance, strength, perseverance and patience – for total confidence and self-mastery
The Japan Karate Association

The Japan Karate Association England

JKA England is a nationwide organisation for the development, teaching and promotion of authentic JKA karate in England. The Head of Association is Ohta Yoshinobu 7th Dan.

Ohta Sensei is a graduate of Takushoku University which had a fierce reputation for producing the best karate-ka. After graduating, he was accepted onto the famous JKA Instructor Course. It was around this time that Enoeda Keinosuke (1935-2003) 9th Dan, then head of JKA Europe was looking for a new assistant. Enoeda Sensei selected Ohta as his official assistant instructor in 1982.

Over the next 20 years, Ohta accompanied Enoeda Sensei in teaching karate around the world. During this time he became a very popular instructor, highly regarded for his superb technical abilities and methods of teaching. Following Enoeda’s untimely death in 2003, Ohta Sensei established JKA England to continue the strong ties with JKA in Japan.

Organised by JKA England, these are a great supplement to regular training, offering the chance to train alongside students from all over the UK and further afield. Typically you will be taught by Ohta Sensei, assisted by JKA England instructors. At least twice per year, we are fortunate to be able to attend events with visiting senior instructors from JKA Headquarters in Japan and around the world.

These courses are an opportunity to be inspired by some of the best karate practitioners in the world, learn new techniques and see how they can be applied. They are thoroughly recommended.

Sometimes courses last more than one day. Where this is the case, students who wish to participate may attend as many or as few days as they wish.

JKA England organises two championships annually. Here, you can experience the competitive side of karate by representing your club, Shiranamikai. Competitions are a great opportunity to set personal challenges and training goals.

Learn authentic Shotokan karate as taught by the Japan Karate Association. Come and join our karate classes in Harrow-on-the-Hill, Swiss Cottage, West Hampstead and Stanmore.