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JKA Four Nations Championship 2017

The Four Nations Championship included additional competitors from Norway, Germany and Malta this year so Shiranamikai competitors had some challenging rounds. Everybody competing performed very well though!

Shiranamikai results as follows:
Shohei Gold in Kata, Bronze in Kumite
Ryoma Gold in Kata, Bronze in Kumite
Tejas 4th Place in Kata, Silver in Kumite
Katsuhisa Bronze in Kata, Bronze in Kumite
Yoko Bronze in Kumite
Shion Gold in Kata, Gold in Kumite
Itsuko Silver in Kata!

Well done everybody!

JKA England 2017 National Championship

It was a great atmosphere in the K2 sports hall with over 300 competitors assembled for JKA England’s National Championship. 

The event got underway at 10am with the youngest competitors on-mat first. We had kata in the morning and kumite after a short break for lunch. Things were running very smoothly but we had the competitor and judges line-up, introductions and presentations before the finals kicked-off. Then another break while we had the presentation of kata awards before the kumite finals. The last awards of the evening were for best competitor and the last few of us were away at 8pm. 

Thanks to all the judges, referees, timekeepers and all of the supporters and parents.

Shiranamikai results as follows:
Shohei Bronze in Kumite
Ryoma Silver in Kata, Gold in Kumite
Uma Gold in kata, Gold in Kumite
Shion Gold in Kata, Bronze in Kumite
Anju Gold in Kata, Silver in Kumite
Alex Bronze in Kata

Not only is this the same medal tally as last year, but also the exact same amount each of gold, silver and bronze! Spooky…

Well done guys! 

JKA England 2016 National Championship

There was a good turnout of Shiranamikai members for what was JKA England’s largest national karate competition yet, with more than 350 individuals nationwide entering!

The atmosphere inside the K2 was extremely positive throughout the day with great support from friends and family. And as well as competing with one another it was a good opportunity to catch up with friends made during previous events.

Before the 3rd Kyu+ finals commenced in the evening, there was a competitor lineup and a lengthy introduction to various people within JKA England. Tom Peebles received large applause – everybody pleased to see him on the road to recovery after suffering a series of debilitating strokes. There was also presentations of a new award to club instructors with 10+, 50+ and 100+ students.

Shiranamikai results as follows:
Oliver Gold in Kata
Dennis Gold in Kumite
Masa Gold in Kata, Gold in Kumite
Kentaro 4th Place in Kata, Silver in Kumite
Shion Bronze in Kumite
Anju Gold in Kata, Bronze in Kumite
Itsuko 4th Place in Kata
Alex Silver in Kata, Bronze in Kumite

Well done everyone!

JKA Four Nations Championship 2015

Shiranamikai members attended the recent Four Nations Championship hosted by JKA England, alongside JKA Member countries: Scotland, Ireland, Wales plus Norway and Berlin to make the more, the merrier! There were some exciting performances and categories ran swiftly. So much so that it was a full time job just keeping track of club members across the different areas.

Results and congratulations go to:
Oliver: Gold in Kata, Gold in Kumite
Stan: Silver in Kata, Bronze in Kumite
Kentaro: Silver in Kumite, 4th Place Kata
And also to Hina!
Well done guys!

The next competition is a while off yet so now is the time to focus on courses and gradings. Let’s try to maintain the momentum (especially over Christmas) as the next competition will come around quickly enough!

JKA England 2015 National Championship

We had a long but rewarding day at the JKA England 2015 National Championship. Well done to everybody who competed!

Shiranamikai results as follows:
Kentaro Silver in Kata and Silver in Kumite
Marika Bronze in Kumite
Keeley Bronze in Kumite
Oliver Gold in Kata and Gold in Kumite
Shion Gold in Kumite
Yuma Gold in Kata and Silver in Kumite
Tara Bronze in Kata and Bronze in Kumite
Anju Gold in Kata and Silver in Kumite
Alex Bronze in Kumite
Shiranami Team B (Kentaro, Yuma & Shion) Bronze in Kata

A fantastic result of 15 medals!

And what better way to celebrate than a picnic after training this Saturday! (Beats a Saturday night burger at McDonalds, Cobham services on the M25.)

Incredibly proud of everybody who competed – well done guys, all your hard work and extra training paid off!

JKA England Shotokan Open Championship 2014

Well done to everybody who competed in JKA England’s first open competition. It was a long day but thanks to Apple and trees, there was plenty to keep all of us from the club occupied between events.

Ohta Sensei introduced guest clubs and associations before the main finals commenced and it was nice to see a mix of representations when it came to the awards.

Shiranamikai results as follows:
Kentaro: 4th Place in Kata, Bronze in Kumite, Shion: Gold in Kata, Silver in Kumite, Alexander: Silver in Kata, Tara: Gold in Kata, Silver in Kumite, Reno: Gold in Kata, Itsuko: Gold in Kata, Silver in Kumite, and Anju: Gold in Kata, Gold in Kumite, plus the Trophy for ‘Best Girl Competitor’!

The next competition won’t take place until mid-next year but if you were straight back in the dojo on Sunday morning for regular training then top marks – your preparation has already started.

JKA England 2014 National Championship

Well done to everybody who competed in the JKA England 2014 National Championship.

There were some great performances throughout the day and the standard of other JKA England clubs was very high.

Results: Shion Bronze Medal in Kata, Megan Bronze Medal in Kumite, Purita Gold Medal in Kumite, Sonoko made the Semi-Final of Kata in what was a big step-up into a difficult category, Anju Double-Gold Medal for Kata and Kumite, Jacob, Ryan and Avan came 4th Place in Team Kata, and Anju later scooped the Trophy and Shield for the Best Junior Female Competitor!

The next Competition will take place on Saturday 1st November, back at the K2. In the meantime, we have the club summer training camp at the beginning of August, Kyu grading in September and the JKA England autumn gasshuku, also in September.


JKA England 10th Anniversary Championship, 2013

Well done to everybody from the club who participated in the JKA England 10th Anniversary Championship! Congratulations to our medalists in their respective categories:

Tara: Kata Gold, Kumite Bronze; Ryan: Kata Gold, Kumite Bronze; Peter: Kata Silver; Alaa: Kumite Bronze; Purita: Kata Gold, Kumite Gold; Itsuko: Kata Bronze, Kumite Silver; Fabiola: Kumite Bronze; Sonoko: Kata Gold, Kumite Gold and Anju: Kata Gold, Kumite Gold!

Special guests in attendance on the day were a representative each from The Japanese Embassy and The House of St Barnabus, and Mrs Enoeda who presented medals to the winners.

This was a very good day for Shiranamikai – a fantastic result for the club!

If this has inspired you to participate at the next championship, the time to start working hard is now, during regular training and by practising at home every day. Then, when the event comes around, it might be you who wins a medal!


JKA England 2013 National Championship

Karate competitions tend to have an early start and a late finish. This one was no exception, but arriving at 8.15am, we found the draw sheets had already been posted and the areas were all ready to go. Right through to the finals, things seemed to run smoothly – no mean feat given there were over 800 category entries from more than 400 competitors.

Shiranamikai had 17 members take part. We came away with a total of 7 gold medals, 2 bronze and a team kata silver – a fantastic result for our club!

In their particular categories, Anju, Ryan and Sonoko picked up double gold – each of them winning in both kata and kumite. Alaa won gold in individual kata, Peter bronze in ippon kumite and Avan bronze in sanbon kumite. Our adult kata team of Sonoko, Peter and Alaa came 2nd place, bagging silver medals!

All of our competitors showed strong spirit and did a great job of representing Shiranamikai. Whether you win a medal or not, competitions are a great way to test yourself and learn something about how to develop your karate. And it can be fun to spend time with your teammates! We saw some superb performances of kata and kumite from various competitors throughout the day, showing the high level that can be achieved through hard work in the dojo.

Our squad: Yuji, Will, Shivani, Dharvi, Anju, Iman, Sara, Peter, Ryan, Avan, Sonoko, Lisa, Megan, Alaa and Tara. Our helper on the day: Sheila.

The next competition will be the JKA England 10th Anniversary Championship on 2nd November. It’s only 4 months away, so the time to start practising is now!


JKA 2012 Four Nations Championship

This was the first time that Japan Karate Association members of the four nations of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland had come together for a united competition in the UK.

Ohta Sensei introduced each country’s senior representatives, and JKA England’s Technical Committee and squad coaches. The special guest of the day was Mr. Eiji Watanabe, First Secretary of the Japanese Embassy in the UK.

There were seven student entries from Shiranamikai:

Danny put in a very good kata and kumite performance. In both events of the men’s 9th-7th Kyu categories he was drawn against the eventual gold medalist. Iman, Sara and Sheila have all improved technically since their first competition.

On to the medals: Dharvi won the bronze medal in kumite while Shivani picked up two medals this year: silver in kata and bronze in kumite – very well done! Finally, congratulations to Anju who at six was the youngest competitor and the lowest grade in what was a very large kata category. After some cracking performances, she won the gold! I have to say how impressed I was with the attitude of all four medalists in this section – the final rankings were announced incorrectly twice before being corrected the third time. But all the young ladies in the final dealt with it admirably (far better than some of the Olympians did back in June) and seemed genuinely happy for each other, making them all winners. Events like this really do help to make new friends!

Well done everybody who entered! And thank you to Delia and Darius for looking after us all and making sure the students got to their areas promptly! The next competition will take place in June 2013. But don’t wait until then to get ready; now is the time to set your goal – then train and practise regularly!