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Good karate books are out there, it’s just a matter knowing where to look. Your library may be prepared to order one for you but if not, head to one of the larger bookstores for one of our suggestions…


DVDs may seem a little old hat now because of the ease of which you can access content on YouTube. But overall, the picture quality of original DVDs is far superior, even in standard definition.

Unsurprisingly, you’ll find more options available in Japan or through Amazon Japan, with up-to-date book and DVD sets from current and recent JKA instructors. If you’re looking for the best instructional DVDs, search these out.

There is no substitute for dojo training. Books and video will help you learn but only by training in the dojo will you learn to ‘feel’. Once you can feel karate, then you will begin to truly understand karatequotes_end
Austin Biesty, Instructor

YouTube is naturally one of the first places to look nowadays. But how do you know if you’re copying the correct form? Why not check out Shiranamikai’s YouTube channel for our clips.


One of our other top recommendations is Kuro Obi World which has some great footage, some of which is in 4K too!

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