karate Classes continue

Update 24th March

All of our classes are now being delivered live, online.

From 14th March

Following Gov.uk and NHS.uk advice, as a club, we have agreed that classes can and will continue for the time being. Exercise is so important for the body and mind, and encouraged as long as people use common sense.

Key measures for teaching and training 

  • Person to person distancing at least 2m apart
  • Practise is in basics and kata (patterns)
  • No kumite (partner work/sparring) 
  • No kiais (shouting)
  • Adoption of outdoor training
  • Preparation for online lessons

Common sense measures for all students

  • Use automatic doors or tissue if opening and closing manually
  • Dojo doors to be left open
  • Wash hands before and after training and/or use sanitiser
  • No handshaking, hugs or kisses. Just a bow
  • Registration cards to be kept in one’s pocket
  • Try not to touch your face or anything else
  • Have tissues at hand, then dispose and sanitise
  • Keep a face towel in jacket instead of using sleeve
  • Wash gi after every session
  • Don’t share phones
  • Stay hydrated but avoid public water fountains

If you present with any of the flu-like symptoms as widely publicised, or if you are just feeling generally unwell, please self-isolate for 14 days.

Next steps and outdoor/online training
Exercise is important for one’s mental health. Our club’s measures fall completely in line with UK Government guidelines.

Keep up to date
Feel free to reach out via the contact form. Email is still the best method of contact for club members and I will send further significant updates in this way so make sure the club email address is added to your email whitelist, and Follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts @Shiranamikai

Stay safe, stay in touch, and keep practising!