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Authentic Shotokan karate with The Japan Karate Association

Shotokan karate

Shotokan is the most widely practised form of traditional karate. The deep stances and range of strong techniques of this once secret martial art were first demonstrated by Master Funakoshi Gichin at a physical education exhibition hosted by the then Japan Ministry of Education in 1922. So impressed were the audience that in time, karate was incorporated into school curriculum and spread widely throughout higher education establishments.

Characteristics of Shotokan over other karate styles are its incorporation of long, deep stances and full range of movement including: side, rotating and rear kicks. Other styles tend to use shorter stances and forward kicks only.

Ueki Masaaki 10th Dan, Shuseki Shihan

The Japan Karate Association

Heir of the Shotokan lineage, The Japan Karate Association has applied sports science and body mechanics to gain maximum efficiency of technique, resulting in the development of a refined and unique ‘JKA Shotokan’ style, evidently distinguishable from all other karate schools. Their methods of training apply an equal measure of kihon (basics), kata (forms) and kumite (sparring) to develop a range of powerful and dynamic techniques. But the teaching extends beyond the purely physical elements of practise. In true karate the body, mind and spirit are developed simultaneously.

At its headquarters in Tokyo, The JKA employs a constant core of around 25 full-time instructors, under the lead of Ueki Masaaki 10th Dan, Shuseki Shihan (Chief Instructor). Selected from among the top exponents amongst peers, each has undergone an intensive training course and will have between 10 and 60 years-plus experience.

Along with its governing board and technical committee, through the JKA World Federation, the roots of JKA Shotokan karate branch out across more then 100 countries worldwide. Its sole mission, to promote the benefits of karate.

Significantly, The Japan Karate Association is the only independent karate association awarded special rights and legal status by the Government of Japan to operate as an association of members (Shadan Hojin) for the promotion of karate.

JKA’s Tokyo Headquarters website

The Japan Karate Association: keeper of Japan’s highest tradition

Karate is not a mere sport, but a martial art. The aim is to harmonise both mind and body in balance, strength, perseverance and patience, for total confidence and self-mastery.

The Japan Karate Association
Ohta Yoshinobu 7th Dan, Chief Instructor, England

The Japan Karate Association in England

The Japan Karate Association in England is an organisation intent on the development, teaching and promotion of authentic JKA budo karate nationwide. The Chief Instructor is Ohta Yoshinobu 7th Dan.

Ohta Sensei is a graduate of Takushoku University which has a fierce reputation for producing some of the best karate-ka. After graduating, he was accepted onto the famous JKA Instructor Course. It was around this time that Enoeda Keinosuke (1935-2003) 9th Dan and head of JKA Europe was looking for a new assistant instructor and Ohta Sensei was officially selected for this role in 1982.

Over the next 20 years, Ohta accompanied Enoeda Sensei in teaching karate all over the world, becoming a popular instructor in his own right, and highly regarded for his exceptional technical ability and engaging teaching methods.

Following Enoeda’s untimely death in 2003, Ohta Sensei established The Japan Karate Association in England, to cement the relationship between the karateka of Great Britain and Japan, and to continue the lineage through education and information direct from Japan, the birthplace of karate.