Karate Suit

A karategi is the plain white uniform worn during practice. If you’re just starting out, there’s no need to rush into purchasing the kit until you’re sure you wish to continue so give it a few weeks first. Until then, jogging bottoms and a tee is fine.

For junior beginners, expect to pay around £35 for a reasonable quality lightweight karategi, teens and adults can pay around £45. The best quality karate suits are made to order in Japan by the likes of Hirota, Shobu and Tokaido among others, and are an investment, in much the same way as a premium brand of jeans and shirt.

When you are ready to buy, read up on the various options available. Your instructor will usually have some in stock and be able to advise you on which might be the most suitable.


Softshell Jacket

A club jacket isn’t essential but they look good and are easy to throw on before and after training (or during, if enjoying a winter training run!). Easy-care, soft shell outer with a cosy, fleece-lined inner. Cut to sit comfortably over your karategi. Made to order. Kids get cool, reflective details.



We source the best-quality cotton for our limited edition t-shirts. Designed to be worn instead of your gi, not underneath it, our tees are great for sporting outside the dojo; perfect for showing support to loved ones at competitions, gradings and courses without screaming, “karate!”, as you’ll likely be doing that yourself.