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JKA England National Karate Championship June 2022

After a 3-year hiatus, Shiranamikai members were once again able to participate in the JKA England National Championship alongside more than 300 other competitors.

Well done to everyone who put themselves forward – there were strong performances throughout the day in some highly competitive events. No doubt everyone has emerged as a stronger character and better karateka.

Shiranamikai results
Alistair: Silver Kumite 🥈
Louis: Bronze Kumite 🥉
Lennon: Gold Kata 🥇 Gold Kumite 🥇
Ariana: Silver Kata 🥈 Silver Kumite 🥈
Lara: 4th Kata, Bronze Kumite 🥉
Chantelle: Silver Kata 🥈
Austin: Silver Kata 🥈
Alex: 4th Kata
Shiranami M (Shohei, Dennis, Jacqueline): 4th Team Kata

Thanks to family members for taking the time to come and offer your support, and those who assisted on the day. Also to all the JKA officials for organising such a large scale event, and managing the matches so well on the day. We appreciate all your hard work.

If you missed it this time, keep 29th October free for the Shotokan Open Championship!

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JKA Spring 2022 Gasshuku, England

Spring 2022, and England is hosting the first JKA international training course in three years. Instructors, Sawada Kazuhiro 8th Dan from JKA Belgium, Imamura Tomio 8th Dan and Shimizu Ryosuke 6th Dan from the Tokyo Sohonbu, join Ohta Yoshinobu 7th Dan for this long overdue gasshuku weekend. 

A respectable contingent of our karateka neighbours are present, including from Scotland, Norway, Portugal, and Germany, all keen to participate and absorb the experience that these instructors have to offer… Sawada Sensei gives detailed explanations underlined with profound historic references, and uses physical proxies to great effect throughout his partner drills. Imamura Sensei expands upon uchi uke in basic partner work with makiotoshi making for interesting, if challenging, techniques. Shimizu Sensei demonstrates speed, power, and flexibility, leaving no doubt as to why he made such a formidable kumite competitor in the past. But what may have surprised is his exeptional form throughout katas Gankaku and Gojushiho Sho, with dynamic movement and slick direction changes. But that’s what the JKA does best: apportion equal time to kihon, kata and kumite, and where one finds a deficit, they strive to make improvements.

There was a lot to get through. The first 90 minutes of each day would be given over to kihon and kumite, followed by another 90 minutes being reserved for kata, bunkai, and instructor training. A friendly kumite match took place on Saturday, alongside a kyu grading, instructor theory, and referee practical. Sunday saw a dan grading followed by instructor practical exams.

So, a busy weekend with little time for much else. But this was a fantastic course taught by some of the most respected instructors in the world. And it was so good to finally catch up with karate friends after so long.

Congratulations to Alex on passing his 4th Dan! It’s an incredible achievement, and the culmination of 20 years of dedicated training.

Update: It was announced late-May 2022 that Sawada Sensei has been awarded 8th Dan by the JKA Shihankai. A just recognition for a great instructor who has dedicated his life to karate. Read more about Sawada Sensei on his academy’s site…

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Special Training & Grading with Ohta Sensei, March 2022

A great session with Ohta Sensei, our association’s Chief Instructor this March. We had a warm up and grading for our younger members followed by training for all. After a short break, senior grade students studied katas Bassai Dai and Jion before the main exam.

Congratulations to all those who graded!


Happy Christmas 2021

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

News Special Club Sessions & Kyu Gradings

Special Training with Ohta Sensei, December 2021

Ohta Sensei, Chief Instructor of The Japan Karate Association in England, visited Shiranamikai this December to lead keiko. A brilliantly constructive lesson as always; technical, and with a full-body workout. We finished off with a master class on the kata, Sochin!

News Special Club Sessions & Kyu Gradings

Special Training & Grading with Ohta Sensei October 2021

It was great to welcome our karate association’s Chief Instructor, Ohta Sensei, back to our dojo for a brilliant training session and grading.

Although we hosted these special classes online and in the dojo with limited, and age-appropriate numbers, this was the first time since 2020 that we were able to open the session up across age bands. It’s almost unbelievable to think that nearly two years has passed since the onset of the covid pandemic, but inspiring how, despite all the restrictions and closure of facilities, Shiranamikai students continued with karate training online, outside and by whatever means possible.

Well done all. There were some hard-earned certificates and new belts this time.

News Outside The Dojo

Sakura 2021

Ahead of our return to group training, Shiranamikai Karate members took photos of themselves with the theme ‘cherry blossom’.

The aim was to foster the spirit of togetherness by creating a montage despite being unable to meet up in person.

The last year has shown us unprecedented challenges but we persevered, stayed in touch, and continued with training.

Cherry blossom hails the start of spring and calls to mind a feeling of renewal. Now is our chance to move forward as we resume our outdoor karate sessions, and look ahead to what we can achieve together.

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JKA Tekki Shodan Online Challenge

One of the many benefits of studying karate is that it can be practised anywhere, regardless of space, and without the need for equipment, making it an ideal activity in which to participate online.

Back at the beginning of October 2020, The Japan Karate Association invited member countries to submit a modified version of the kata Tekki Shodan, performed in a space of just one metre wide instead of the usual two metres.

This was a good challenge for students across the world while ensuring practise of one of Shotokan’s fundamental stances: kiba dachi.

Shiranamikai members’ entries were submitted alongside other JKA England clubs, and the final results announced today by Tokyo Headquarters. Well done to all those featured!

Fancy trying it yourself? Here’s what you need to know…

Tekki Shodan (modified) performance guidance

Into 2021 with Shiranamikai Karate

Despite all that happened in 2020, we continued to practise as a club whether inside the dojo wearing masks or training outside at a distance, and during tighter restrictions, online in our own homes.

2021 looks set to be a tough year too, but together we can face whatever comes our way!

Physical activity is more important now than ever before. If you are looking for something for yourself or a member of your family then our karate classes could be just what’s needed.

News Special Club Sessions & Kyu Gradings

Special training with Ohta Sensei, December 2020

Our association’s Chief Instructor, Ohta Sensei, delivered a special class for Shiranamikai students at the end of 2020.

Adults just missed out on being able to attend in person due to increased tier restrictions that came into force in England on the day. But with Sensei’s keen eye, there was nowhere to hide, even when at an online height of just 10cm!