Online and outdoor karate classes

Karate can be practised anywhere, no matter how much space there is to hand (or foot!)

We have been holding online classes since 24th March 2020 with instructor-student interaction just as we would have in our regular dojo sessions.

Online schedule

Saturdays 3pm
Sundays 10am
Tuesdays 6.30pm
Thursdays 5pm

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We also have supplementary outdoor sessions for those looking for extra or who are not quite ready to join us inside. We’re all careful to remain at distance. Our younger students seem to really enjoy the outdoor learning experience.

Outdoor schedule

Mondays 7am
Wednesdays 7am
Fridays 7am

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Indoor training will resume initially at these times once restrictions are lifted…

Saturdays 2pm Children age 5+
Saturdays 3pm up to age 17
Sundays 10am Mixed
Tuesdays 4pm Children age 5+

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We can still enjoy training together

What better way of starting the day than to enjoy exercising in the fresh air
We work through technique together
Practising kihon waza (fundamentals) and kata (set patterns)
There is always an opportunity to ask questions
We review, give feedback and discuss technical matters and how to improve

In happier times. But we can still enjoy training together in a safe and considerate manner.