How to enjoy karate safely during the pandemic

We’re living in challenging times while we try to limit the spread of Covid-19. But we must still remain active for our physical and mental wellbeing. Karate, practised sensibly, is a great way to do both.

Whether joining our online sessions from home or travelling to our outdoor and indoor venues to participate in person*, karate can be enjoyed safely while adhering to government guidance. Much of what we suggest below is just good common sense…

*Subject to current restrictions

Training guidelines for mitigating the risk of infection

Our expectations of you

Booking is required for all outdoor and indoor venue sessions

Arrive early to start on time

If you are feeling unwell, do not attend in person

Maintain a distance of 2m from others where possible

Those age 11 and above should wear a mask during indoor venue sessions

Wash hands before and after training

How we practise

Venue should be well-ventilated

Practise will be in kihon waza basics and kata forms

There will be no direct kumite partner work

Be considerate towards those around you and nearby

No kiais shouting. Instead, punctuate quietly

Rei will mainly be from standing. When performed from seiza, fingertips need not pass the knees

During the session

Don’t touch anything

Try not to touch your face

Use a face towel

Breathe naturally

Try to slide, not stamp feet

If practising outdoors, use suncream or layer-up as appropriate

Parents should monitor their children whilst online and remain present during outdoor practise

Parents should not congregate inside the dojo. It may be necessary to wait outside

What you can also do

Maintain hydration but avoid water fountains

Keep tissues to hand if needed. Dispose and sanitise

Bring sanitiser and wipes

Clean your feet after indoor sessions

Wash your gi clothes after each session

A karate suit is not necessary outside

Wear trainers when outside

Do not walk across the dojo floor in outdoor shoes

Follow and advice

Stay safe, stay in touch, and keep practising!

Get in touch… without actually touching