News Special Club Sessions & Kyu Gradings

Club Training & Grading, July 2012

For Shiranamikai’s second special lesson and grading this year Ohta Sensei delivered a challenging training session with plenty of emphasis on footwork and distancing. The tramline markings on the floor of the studio were put to good use as guides to help us understand the range and width of our own steps.

A bout of nerves crept in here and there during the grading but there were no dramas. Overall, the extra practice that everybody had been putting in for the National Championship seemed to have helped boost confidence, and it was a clear pass for all.

The next grading will take place on Friday 21st September and as ever the best time to start working on addressing your feedback is while Sensei’s comments remain fresh in your mind! The forthcoming kata course (taking place this Sunday 22nd July) could be a great way to get ahead.

Well done to all.