News Special Club Sessions & Kyu Gradings

Club Training & Grading, March 2015

A really good training session this first quarter. In basics, Ohta Sensei emphasised body control with shuto uke prior to rotation to reduce unnecessary movement. Likewise with mae geri, he demonstrated how a set body line in kicking, regardless of whether moving forward or backward, can help with directional changes.

Kumite was based around kaishi ippon which is new on the syllabus for students attempting 3rd and 2nd kyu. Having the attacker ‘win’ may seem at odds with the concept of karate being an effective defence, but it is perhaps best seen as an important exercise in preparing for jiyu kumite by allowing both sides to attack and defend with each step. It also highlights one’s ability to release tension in order to react quickly to the next technique.

Well done to all those who graded. It’s great to see everybody in the club developing their karate. Keep up the good work!