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First Training of the New Year 2012

Saturday 7th January saw the first Shiranamikai lesson of 2012. I for one had taken the opportunity to completely rest over the Christmas period so the prospect of shifting two or three mince pies worth of indulgence was very appealing…

We started the training year with a thorough stretch, some challenging basics and new katas for each of the grades present. Not much different to usual but maybe a bit more uptempo.

At the end of this class, and after the next few lessons, we presented certificates to students who participated in the December grading. Those aiming to do the next club grading on 23rd March should plan their training schedule now. Brown belts will need to regularly attend national events in preparation for forthcoming dan gradings.

It’s good to see everybody back. When you’ve had a break from training due to holiday, work or other commitments, it can take time to regain your usual levels of fitness and form. A swift return to regular training in the dojo (where there are a few of us in the same boat!) should soon have things back on track.