News Special Club Sessions & Kyu Gradings

Club Training & Grading, September 2015

Well done everyone on passing their grading. I always say training comes first, so it was great to see so many of you who weren’t grading this time, present for the training. We also have some recent joiners so it was nice to see them for this special session. Welcome to Shiranamikai!

Ohta Sensei based his lesson on kaishi ippon kumite and the basics showed a natural progression towards this. It wouldn’t be an Ohta session without a few brain teasing combinations and he didn’t disappoint with some challenging combinations stepping in back and side stances, and following with kicks mae, yoko kekomi and keage forwards and backwards, demonstrating important points in delivery.

After a short break, Sensei went through kata for each grade culminating in a 20 minute Bassai Dai lesson for the lucky brown and black belts present.

Great training in a really positive atmosphere!