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JKA England 2016 National Championship

There was a good turnout of Shiranamikai members for what was JKA England’s largest national karate competition yet, with more than 350 individuals nationwide entering!

The atmosphere inside the K2 was extremely positive throughout the day with great support from friends and family. And as well as competing with one another it was a good opportunity to catch up with friends made during previous events.

Before the 3rd Kyu+ finals commenced in the evening, there was a competitor lineup and a lengthy introduction to various people within JKA England. Tom Peebles received large applause – everybody pleased to see him on the road to recovery after suffering a series of debilitating strokes. There was also presentations of a new award to club instructors with 10+, 50+ and 100+ students.

Shiranamikai results as follows:
Oliver Gold in Kata
Dennis Gold in Kumite
Masa Gold in Kata, Gold in Kumite
Kentaro 4th Place in Kata, Silver in Kumite
Shion Bronze in Kumite
Anju Gold in Kata, Bronze in Kumite
Itsuko 4th Place in Kata
Alex Silver in Kata, Bronze in Kumite

Well done everyone!