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Outdoor Training at Harrow School, August 2011

Well done to those of you who continued training throughout the summer holidays – and to those who participated in our two open air training sessions. The weather fortunately held out for us, with the temperature perfect for training (there was even a light breeze to cool one’s brow!).

Anyway; today’s basics were focussed on hips – keeping them level when rotating from one position to the next – and using the energy generated by their motion to push a technique forwards, back or to the sides.

After basics, katas: Kihon and Heian Shodan were followed by some more basics to help with the next kata: Empi. This kata is categorised as an ‘advanced’ level kata, for 3rd Kyu and above but all of the movements emanate from basics that we’ve all encountered early on in our training, and all the stances too. So if you can do reverse punch, front snap-kick, low-level sweeping block and knife-hand block, then it is possible to follow through. It’s also important to understand how basics underpin everything that we do – even advanced level kata. Because without good basics, we cannot perform any of our kata well – not even Kihon.

Next week, we’ll be back in the sports hall and able to fully appreciate the newly refurbished facilities.

See you there!