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NHK Radio: The Road to Samurai – An Introduction to Karate

Broadcast on NHK Radio 31st August and 1st September 2011

Naka Tatsuya, a 7th Dan instructor at the Japan Karate Association’s Tokyo Honbu explains some of the fundamentals of Shotokan karate to reporter come first-time student Munish Sharma in these two NHK radio broadcasts.

The first installment has Munish learning correct breathing techniques and the principle of applying this to maximum effect in JKA’s signature oi-tsuki. In the second, Naka Sensei shows Munish how to use his hips to block and counter-attack.

If you want to improve there is no substitute for regular training at your club. But as a supplement, books and other kinds of media are great. We might train for years with our instructor telling us time and again to correct something – but reading supporting information or looking at pictures and video can help us absorb information more readily. So why not try the radio?

The tracks played at the end of each episode have been thoughtfully chosen too!

An Introduction to Karate Episode 1

An Introduction to Karate Episode 2