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Sasha Farewell

Sasha Sensei delivered an excellent lesson at the end of July.

She showed basics well by example, clearly indicating strike trajectory from start to focus point and gave us time to adjust our positions with a generously timed count initially, up to full power by the end of each set.

Katas Heian Godan and Kanku Dai were given detailed attention with breakdowns and explanations.

We finished off with 99 gyaku tsukis – everybody counting once for three rapid punches. (This was only performed from the left side so we still need to do the right side at some point to even things out!)

This session was more technical than intensive, but because everybody put in maximum effort – challenging themselves and those around – it made for very tough training! Well done to everybody for trying extremely hard and making this session so positive.

Afterwards, there were drinks, snacks and huge slices of another amazing cake made by Alaa!*

When the centre closed, those of us who were still left, continued outside into the warm sunshine and the (uh-hum!) younger ones spent quite some time fooling around in the fountains.

Even though we won’t be seeing Sasha in the dojo, we can all still train in the manner and with the same spirit that she would, if she were there!

*If you have a special occasion coming up, he’s the man to talk cakes with!