News Outside The Dojo Special Club Sessions & Kyu Gradings

4th Shiranamikai Summer Camp, August 2015

This year during summer camp we looked at Kihon kata, Heians Nidan through to Godan, Jion, Empi, Unsu, Nijushiho and Sochin. Team exercises helped students explore the meaning of each sequence.

There were some very creative interpretations and entertaining demonstrations (!) but everybody worked well together to show their understanding of the kata bunkai.

After our final session on Friday it was off for some well-deserved sushi – a fitting end to the week’s training.

To those who attended each day, well done, you get a certificate for your efforts. Two students received merit for also training Tuesday and Wednesday evening, while three picked up distinction for outstanding attendance by coming Saturday and Sunday too – that’s every possible Shiranamikai lesson over the whole week!

After training on Saturday, we were out to eat again for Sonoko, Anju and Yuma’s farewell dinner!

Put the first week of August in your diary for next year: Monday 1st-Friday 5th August 2016.