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Shiranamikai 2014 Summer Camp

For the past three years, midway through the school summer holiday, Shiranamikai has run a five-day training camp. As well as breaking up the long school holiday, the aim is to show a different side of karate to that which we would normally have time for during regular sessions; to learn new katas and the application of techniques.

A wardrobe/brain malfunction had me looking less than formal on arrival for the first day, raising quite a few eyebrows as a result. Although some karate styles often practise without their tops on, Shotokan is not one of them. So instead, my new t-shirt received a harsh but satisfying Christening.

This year, with a higher proportion of brown and black belts than on previous camps, we had tougher basics and kumite drills leading up to senior katas: Empi, Jion, Gankaku, Kanku Dai, Kanku Sho and Gojushiho Sho. We’ll continue to practise these katas when time allows during our regular classes this year.

Just to reiterate what I said during the training though: it’s nice to know lots of different katas and good to practise them as it will undoubtably help your development. But it is essential that you focus primarily on one kata at a time; that being your own personal favourite or the one prescribed for your next grading level.

Well done to everybody who trained over the full week but especially those who still attended their regular classes on Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

As in previous years, after the Friday morning session, we all trundled off to enjoy a delicious sushi lunch, topped off by mochi ice cream!

Please put 3rd-7th August 2015 into your diary for next year’s Summer Training Camp!


Sasha Farewell

Sasha Sensei delivered an excellent lesson at the end of July.

She showed basics well by example, clearly indicating strike trajectory from start to focus point and gave us time to adjust our positions with a generously timed count initially, up to full power by the end of each set.

Katas Heian Godan and Kanku Dai were given detailed attention with breakdowns and explanations.

We finished off with 99 gyaku tsukis – everybody counting once for three rapid punches. (This was only performed from the left side so we still need to do the right side at some point to even things out!)

This session was more technical than intensive, but because everybody put in maximum effort – challenging themselves and those around – it made for very tough training! Well done to everybody for trying extremely hard and making this session so positive.

Afterwards, there were drinks, snacks and huge slices of another amazing cake made by Alaa!*

When the centre closed, those of us who were still left, continued outside into the warm sunshine and the (uh-hum!) younger ones spent quite some time fooling around in the fountains.

Even though we won’t be seeing Sasha in the dojo, we can all still train in the manner and with the same spirit that she would, if she were there!

*If you have a special occasion coming up, he’s the man to talk cakes with!

JKA England 2014 National Championship

Well done to everybody who competed in the JKA England 2014 National Championship.

There were some great performances throughout the day and the standard of other JKA England clubs was very high.

Results: Shion Bronze Medal in Kata, Megan Bronze Medal in Kumite, Purita Gold Medal in Kumite, Sonoko made the Semi-Final of Kata in what was a big step-up into a difficult category, Anju Double-Gold Medal for Kata and Kumite, Jacob, Ryan and Avan came 4th Place in Team Kata, and Anju later scooped the Trophy and Shield for the Best Junior Female Competitor!

The next Competition will take place on Saturday 1st November, back at the K2. In the meantime, we have the club summer training camp at the beginning of August, Kyu grading in September and the JKA England autumn gasshuku, also in September.


JKA England Spring 2014 Gasshuku

Everybody enjoyed this excellent JKA England spring gasshuku which delivered a great mix of form, energy and education!

Visiting instructors Osaka Yoshiharu 8th Dan and Okuma Koichiro 6th Dan had travelled from the JKA Honbu in Tokyo while Nagatomo Yasuaki 6th Dan, Chief Instructor of JKA New Mexico flew in from the US. All three joined JKA England’s Ohta Yoshinobu 7th Dan for this popular international four-day training course.

Each instructor brought his own unique training methods but all four were distinctly JKA. Osaka Sensei broke kata into sections for repetition and allowed plenty of time to explain muscle engagement and to check body positions. Okuma Sensei brought strength and speed to kumite drills. He introduced a scientific approach by explaining body axis movement and correct breathing in order to harness one’s inner strength. Nagatomo Sensei’s friendly manner and encouraging feedback proved popular with many people. His off-balance/over-balance and take-down lesson was very interesting while his “now, eyes closed!” kumite left many people feeling on edge! Ohta Sensei did not disappoint either with his boundless energy and superb kumite lesson which used ideas from the kata Empi. The kicking drills incorporating ushiro mawashi geri were enjoyable too.

These international training camps are an invaluable way to learn and improve technique. Three hours goes by very quickly! It’s also a nice opportunity to get to know your fellow club members better and make new friends from neighbouring countries Norway and Germany or those farther afield like Israel and Canada!

The next international course will take place at the end of September with Ohta Sensei’s special guest instructors Shina Katsutoshi 7th Dan from the Tokyo Honbu and Sawada Kazuhiro 7th Dan from Belgium.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Shiranamikai 5-Year Anniversary Training

There was a great turnout at the Swiss Cottage dojo for Shiranamikai’s 5-year anniversary. As well as our own club members, we were pleased to welcome two of our friends from JKA Scotland, Senseis Bert and Martin, who were down South for the weekend and with Ohta Sensei taking the class, it all made for a great atmosphere!

After an enthusiastic warm-up from Darius, it was down to basics and partner combinations which formed a precursor to the kata Gankaku (meaning crane on a rock). This kata shows well, the long stances particular to Shotokan karate but the complexity lies in maintaining one’s composure while changing height and direction.

Time really flew by in this session and as we neared the end, the dojo floor cleared and Ohta Sensei demonstrated Gankaku in its entirety, which was superb to observe. Finally, brown and black belts performed the kata one last time before the class was over.

Alaa was primed with two of his delicious handmade cakes and Delia had also prepared crates of bite-sized (read: mouth-filling) cupcakes – all washed down with a soft drink courtesy of Sheila! We spent the next couple of hours in a local Italian restaurant. Unsurprisingly, nobody ordered dessert.

Five years after the club’s inception, it is incredibly rewarding to see how Shiranamikai students and the club as a whole have developed. This is down to everybody who comes to train at our dojos and contributes to the great atmosphere.



Shiranamikai’s first lesson was 6th January 2009