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Karate at Hyper Japan 2019

Shiranamikai participated in Hyper Japan at Olympia London in Kensington.

We demonstrated the three core elements of JKA Shotokan karate: kihon (fundamentals), kata (forms) and kumite (partner work).

There was a positive display of gohon kumite (five-step attack and defence to the face and body) during partner work, and again, Ippon kumite (one-step controlled sparring for the face, body and with kicks from three directions) was very strong, and jiyu Ippon kumite, a semi-free form of attack and defence.

Katas included Heian Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yondan and Godan (heian meaning peaceful mind); Bassai Dai, which is one of four key Shotokan Shitei katas (the image of Bassai Dai is of storming a castle); and Sochin, with its strong rooted stances and quick contractions and expansions demanding superb body control.

There was also a bunkai demonstration of Heian Godan to illustrate some practical applications of this dynamic kata.

What a great weekend!

Japan Karate Association in England 2018 Winter Gasshuku

Shiranamikai members participated in a 3-day winter gasshuku (training camp) hosted by The Japan Karate Association in England.

Tutorage was by special guest instructors Imamura Tomio 7th Dan and Hanzaki Yasuo 7th Dan from the Tokyo Sohonbu, alongside Ohta Yoshinobu 7th Dan, England’s Chief Instructor. In turn, they were supported by Senseis Adel, Roy, Gary and Giuseppe of England’s technical division.

Kata choices for brown and black belts were Friday: Chinte / Meikyo / Empi, Saturday: Jitte / Bassai Sho / Kanku Dai and Sunday: Jion / Bassai Dai. Ohta Sensei also had a section for those who were grading with alternative kata choices. Other Kyu grades were able to focus on the Heian katas while exploring applications.

These karate courses also offer a chance to catch up with friends from other clubs in the association and when not practising, the time to do other things, like on our Saturday side trip to Hever Castle!

After the last training session on Sunday, there was a Dan grading. Congratulations go to Ollie and Alex on passing their Shodan grading. Well done guys, you’ve worked long and hard. Your black belts are well deserved!